Respondent Bill of Rights

Marketing and opinion research plays an important role in our democratic society, allowing people to express their views on issues ranging from political and social issues to products and services.

Your participation in a legitimate marketing or opinion research study is very important to us, and we value the information you provide. Therefore, your relationship with The Matrix Group will be one of respect and consideration, based on the following practices:

  • •  Your privacy will be respected and the confidentiality of your responses will be maintained
  • •  Your name, personal information, and identifiable individual research responses will not be disclosed to anyone outside the research industry without your permission
  • •  We will always give you the name of the person contacting you, our name, tell you the nature of the study, and in no way misrepresent ourselves or what we are doing
  • •  We will never try to sell you anything or ask for money
  • •  We will not contact you at unreasonable times, but if our contact is inconvenient for you, we will gladly re-contact you at a more convenient time
  • •  Your decision regarding participating in a study, answering specific questions, or discontinuing your participation will be respected without question
  • •  You will be informed in advance if a research session is to be recorded and of the intended use of the recording
  • •  We will do our best to make your participation in a study a pleasant experience
  • •  We will maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in the collection and reporting of the information you provide

For questions concerning the Privacy Policy of The Matrix Group, please click here, or contact us.