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We are continuously looking for research participants who are willing to share their thoughts and opinions on different topics. If you are interested in participating in future research studies, where you can earn cash for your time, please click the link below to fill out a brief survey about yourself. The information we gather will help us best identify which research projects best suit you.

As research opportunities become available, someone from our team will contact you to check your availability.

Current studies we are conducting:

Working Professionals
The Matrix Group is seeking working professionals for paid market research studies. (Compensation is varied depending on the specific study; Reference the 'Working Professionals' studies.)

Call (859) 263-8177 or click here for eligibility.

If you are not a member of our Consumer Panel,
but would like to be included in future research projects, click here to join.

If you are already a member of our Consumer Panel
and would like to update your existing information, click here to submit your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Consumer Panel

What is a Consumer Panel?
In a nutshell...a consumer panel is a list of consumers in a target market whose buying behavior is believed to be representative of the entire market. By studying and defining the brand preferences, buying patterns, attitudes, and opinions of a consumer panel, research analysts can extrapolate the behavior of the total market. For example, analysts might use consumer panel research to determine whether trial usage of a new product is leading to adoption.

What kind of studies would I be participating in?
We conduct research studies throughout the state of Kentucky. These studies include (but are not limited to) focus groups, in-depth interviews, mail surveys, and telephone surveys. The incentive for those varies by project. We conduct mystery shops in and around central Kentucky as well.

How will I be contacted?
After filling out our Consumer Panel survey on our website, your information will be submitted to our consumer panel database. We use this database in the majority of the research projects that we conduct. Generally you can expect to hear about our current projects and opportunities via our website under the 'Current Projects' section or via telephone if you provided us with a number to reach you at. We may occasionally send you an email regarding a specific study. We do NOT use mass mailing, or mass emailing (SPAMMING) to try and contact you. We typically make phone calls in the late afternoon/early evening so as not to disturb your daytime schedule if at all possible. We will never call you later than 9:00pm EST. We may ask you a few questions in order to see if you qualify for that particular study and then give you more details if you qualify.

Will I be placed on a mailing list?
We do NOT use mass mailing, or mass emailing (SPAMMING) to try and contact you. You will not be placed on a mailing list. We may occasionally send you an email regarding a specific study, or to confirm your participation after you have been qualified for a study.

What do you do with my contact information?
Your personal information will NOT be disclosed to those outside the research industry without your permission.

How do you decide who gets to participate?
Most of our research projects are very client-customer specific, but on occasion, we do recruit a more random sample of respondents for web surveys. We try to use a selective random sampling procedure to generate contact lists based on demographic criteria. Once contacted, we may ask you a few questions in order to see if you qualify for that particular study.

Do I get paid to participate?
Participants in our group and individual sessions are compensated for their time. The incentive varies by project.

What if I want to be removed from the panel?
Membership to our consumer panel is completely voluntary and at your discretion. Should you choose to remove yourself from our panel, simply let us know via email, phone, or fax and we will remove your information immediately.